About Edit

Luigi is a nice person, though he is treated poorly by his brother.

Appearances Edit

1. Bowser Jr's Party

2. Mario gets Fat Beginning Trailer (2015)

3. Yoshi's Meal

4. Mario's Secret Club

5. Update 1 (cameo)

6. Go Weegie!

7. Mario, Luigi and Yoshi Go Shopping!

8. The Purr-fect Switch

9. Toad's Weird Day

10. Mario's Big Thanksgiving

11. Mario's House Party

12. Super Plush Bros Channel Trailer!

13. iPod Touch test video

14. Mario's Sleepover!

15. Five Nights at Mario's Night 1 (Part 1)

16. Five Nights at Mario's Night 1 (Part 2)

17. Mario Plush Sound test

18. Mario Gets Rick Roll'd!!!

19. Mario's Sleepover! 2

20. Hotel Mario Intro Plush Edition

21. The Fire Flower! (1/2)

22. SPB Archives- Mario's Halloween

23. SPB Archives- Mario Movie Part 1

24. Pokémon Part 1

25. A Normal Day at the Store!

26. The Fight!

27. The Superheroes!

28. A Random Halloween

29. The Sound Machine!

30. A Random Christmas

31. The Snow Day!

32. A Random Valentine's Day

33. Mario's Sleepover 3

Trivia Edit

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